Tailored Solutions specializes in transaction-intensive applications for government agencies at all levels.

Our products assist State and Local Government Agencies in checking backgrounds, identifying criminals and recovering lost or missing persons and property.

All applications interface to Local, State and Federal databases, with automatic launch of queries and automatic response analysis for quick approval or review.

For Law Enforcement Agencies (including State and Local Police, County Sheriff's, Dispatch Centers and Others) we provide real-time access to those databases through our ForseCom Millennium 3 Desktop and/or Web applications. For agencies that have their own Computer Aided Dispatch or Records Management Systems, we provide access to those databases through a variety methods, including a Database API, Web API, Windows API or a TCP/IP Interface using DMPP-2020 protocal.

For Government Agencies providing various background checks, we provide access to those databases through our Flex-Check™ product. Flex-Check™ is a table-driven product that can be configured to fully or partially automate a multitude of criminal history background checks, including Firearms Instant Checks, License to Carry Permits, Daycare Employees and other types of caregivers, Foster Care, Adoptions, Elderly Care, etc.

Our products include:

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