Tailored Solutions is based in Salem, Oregon and serves Government Agencies across the country including the states of: Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Idaho, Washington, Indiana, Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Kansas.

Established in 1985, Tailored Solutions Corporation has more than 30 years of experience providing reliable criminal history background check systems and support to Government Agencies of all types.

The products produced by the Company serve State and Local Government Agencies in accessing information provided by Local Law Enforcement, NCIC, NICS, AFIS (both state and federal) and others. This data can be used by Law Enforcement Agencies to identify criminals (wants and warrants) and recover lost or missing persons and property. It can also be used by various Background Check Units with our Flex-Checkā„¢ product to fully or partially automate licensing and criminal history background checks including Firearms Checks, License to Carry Permits, Daycare Employees, Foster Care, Adoptions, Elderly Care, etc.

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